I’m a feminist but submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool — Actress Ada Ameh

Famous Nollywood Actress, Ada Ameh revealed that she is feminist but not the type of woman that won’t submit herself to her husband.

The actress said that she is not regreting the fact that she had a child as a teenager.

The Benue State-born actress, had her first child at the age of 14, she would have regret not having a husband or child now that she is in her mid forties.

Ada revealed this in her recent interview with TheSun.

Read what she said below;

“I can never regret having my child at 14. God forbid! The truth is that the ways of God are so different from the ways of man. Just imagine me at this age if I am not married and don’t have a child. I am not saying marriage is the ultimate but we both know what I am talking about.

I am a feminist but I am not that type of woman that would not love to have a man. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a man. As a Christian, submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool,” she said.

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