Another epidemic alert from Chinese city were herdsmen were infected with Black Death(Bubonic plague).

A rare but high risk bacteria infection which is believed to be transmited by fleas from rodent have been annouced by World Health Organisation. The official report has it that this deadly bacteria was reported in another Chinese city, Mongolia and hospitals have been issues a third level alert. This happened recently after a hospital reported the case of bubonic plague

Bubonic plague,which is also known as the ‘Black Death’ in the Middle Ages, based on history killed around 100million people around the world in the 14th centry and is known to be the deadest diseases recorded. The bacterial infection can kill adults within 24 hours if not treated in time. 

The warning which was reported on Sunday was because four repoted cases of this plague from the city. 

Chinese official have forbidden hunting or eating of animals that normally carried this plague and have asked the public to report any suspects of plague or fever with no clear causes, and to ‘report any sick or dead marmots.’  This warning is said to stay in place till end of 2020. 

Bubonic plague is a rare but serious bacterial infection transmitted by fleas from rodents.

The symptoms are: swollen lymph nodes, which can be as large as chicken eggs, in the groin, armpit, or neck. Others include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.



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