I’m Okay With My Wife Playing Romantic Roles in Movie – Anita Joseph’s Hubby, MC Fish says

Master of ceremonies and ‘hype man’, MC Fish, and his wife, Anita Joseph, are undoubtedly one of the most talked about showbiz couples on social media at the moment. Prior to getting married, Anita was known for her sensual dressing and the romantic roles she played in movies.

And, her husband has disclosed that he wouldn’t limit her in playing romantic roles.

He revealed this in an interview:,

Check out his response below;

“Before we got married, I knew her as an actress and I am okay with her job. Sometimes, when I watch those (romantic) scenes in her movies, I tease her and make her re-enact those scenes for me. My wife and I have very good understanding and she is mindful of the extent to which a romantic scene can go.”
Asked if ‘hype men’ were beginning to get the recognition they deserved, he said, “Yes, I think ‘hype men’ are gradually getting their accolades because at any event you go, you would see hype men. What stand me out from my peers are my style, charisma and personality. I believe I’m one of the most stylish ‘hype men’ in the country.”

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