I permitted my husband to have only 2 side chicks but now he’s demanding for more – Nigerian woman cries out

A Nigerian Lady is seeking professional advice after giving her cheating husband consent to having only two side chicks.

However, the Lady bemoaned that her husband has broken the rules between them by going for more girls instead of the 2 girls she approved for him as side chicks.

In her complaint, she wrote: “Marriage is not easy, I have been married for 11 years now, thank God.”

“Last Year, on my 10th Anniversary, I was tired of my husband cheating so I gave him permission to cheat provided he cheats with only 2 ladies per year under my supervision.”

“He should select the send me their picture, profile for approval, take sperm to reduce pills and do comprehensive STD test for him and fvck them to his test and pleasure.”

“My husband was so happy, he kissed me and bought me expensive kinds of stuff and all.

“I said okay, in 2019, My Husband started breaking the rules I gave him, the 2 girls we chose were not enough for him. He started looking for more girls again.”

“When I call him, he will say he is with the side chick I approved but he is with another one.”

“I am tired and at this point, I don’t know what else I can do to make this union work.”

“I have given this man my all, I don’t know why is wrong again. I am so hurt at this point and in pain. Do I have to increase the number of girls or what?”

“I really want this marriage to work and it is so hard on me at this point. I love my husband so much and no man has climbed on top me for 11 years of my marriage.”

“Should I approve 2 more girls for him? The Limit I can approve for him is 4 girls per year because this is tiring, I want to be in control of my marriage.” she Lamented.


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