Divorce rates in New York rapidly increases as couples are forced to spend time together in quarantine


The divorce rates has repeatedly increased in New York due to couples forced to stay indoor for self-isolation.


In awas report was reported that, most of these couples seeking divorce are involuntarily spending time together in small apartments or houses that can cause tension throughout this critical time.


G742FCD60-CF20-46DF-A2F5-12D1368B2445 Furthermore, it was revealed that the factor contributing to the increased divorce rates is the recent loss of jobs and falling stocks among the wealthy.


Divorce Attorney William D. Zabel said in a statement that his clientele increased to 50 percent since the “On Pause” order in New York City.


However, he further stresses that: “We’ve had an increased amount of calls in the past week from people seeking representation for divorce proceedings, a 50 percent increase, and I have been hearing the same from my colleagues at other firms.”



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