Man beats up his girlfriend mercilessly for getting pregnant for him


A video shared online shows a moment a man beating his girlfriend mercilessly for saying she’s pregnant for him.


However, the girl and her man were seen sitting looking at each other. Suddenly, he then stood up and start slapping her.


Afterwards, his friends can be heard in the background asking him to take it easy, but he doesn’t listen. To get it worst, he then reaches his trousers to brings out a belt and starts flogging her with it.


Furthermore,  his friends were seen trying to hold him back as he beats the girl, but they didn’t seem to be trying hard enough. One of the friends was seen laughing as he holds the girlfriend while his friend beat her up.


Man beats up his girlfriend mercilessly (video)


The Facebook user who shared the video wrote: “After impregnating this girl, he had the guts to to beat her up when she said he was responsible and has results.”


Man beats up his girlfriend mercilessly (video)

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