We are not shutting down schools and places of worship in Edo- Governor Godwin Obaseki reveals


The Edo state government has announced that there is no plan to shut down schools and places of worship in the fight against Coronavirus.


However, the state Governor Obaseki made this statement publicly when he received religious leaders from the state in his office on Friday March 20th.


Furthermore, he further stresses that there is no cause for alarm as his government has taken appropriate measures to prevent the importation of the virus into the state. He however added that his government has put up measures to deal with the spread of the virus if it eventually finds its way to the state.

”There is no plan to shut down places of worship except it becomes absolutely necessary. However, we would want to appeal that for the sake of your congregation, we should look at how to keep people from being too close from one another. It is possible to place visual services” he said


Afterward, many state governments have reportedly banned social gatherings as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus in their states.

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