IMT students in critical condition as female hostel balcony collapses


Three students of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, identified as Oluchi, Obetta, Amanda have been left in a crucial condition following the collapse balcony of one of the institution’s female hostel on March 9.


The injured girls reported to be the students of Mass Communication Department and it was reported that Oluchi was left with a swollen face and injured mouth after the incident l, and Miss Amanda was left with a broken neck and waist.


However, it was reported that two of the students has been taken to the Orthopaedic Hospital in Enugu.


IMT students in critical state as female hostel balcony collapses


Narrating how the incident happened, Oluchi said;


“On Monday morning, around 10 O’clock, I went to the hostel to call my friend by name Amanda, for a lecture we were supposed to have that morning.

“When I got to the hostel, on first floor of the two-storey building, she was washing plates on the balcony. She begged me to wait for her. So, while I was standing and waiting for her to finish, another student came down to join her on the balcony.

“We were discussing and all of a sudden, the balcony where she was washing the plates collapsed. The next thing I found myself in this hospital. My friend, Amanda, was taken to Orthopaedic Hospital because, as I was told, she broke her neck and waist”.


IMT students in critical state as female hostel balcony collapses


Oluchi also have that the school demanded for her transfer to the school clinic because they can’t take care of a bill from a private hospital. She revealed that she turned down the offer because she wasn’t sure of proper treatment in the school clinic due to her condition.

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