Algeria cancels all public gatherings over the fear of coronavirus


The Algerian government has suspended all public gathering as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus.


“All sports, cultural, political gatherings are called off. All exhibitions and fairs are cancelled. We’re taking no risks,” Health Minister Abderahmane Benbouzid disclosed.


The minister further stresses that football matches could go ahead but only behind closed doors.


“It’s official, these are recommendations that will be confirmed by the youth and sports ministry,” the health minister told the media.


“The president (Abdelmadjid Tebboune) has authorized us to ban all gatherings, including at stadiums,” he said.


“We are still at phase one, a fact-finding and surveillance phase. We’ve started to build up a stock of masks and medication. It’s an advantage for us to start early when we have only 20 cases.”


However, Algeria has already confirmed 20 cases of COVID-19, including 17 members of the same family.

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