Emmanuel Onwubiko: The Police Nigeria needs

The fundamental idea behind the coming into being of an organized human society is for the protection of their (humanity) lives and property.

Hitherto, man in his natural state was lawless, violent and primitively selfish but later found out that the only way to ensure self-preservation and inter-generational survival was to se5 up the community of people to be modeled after a society governed by law and order.

In many studies, historians have often made claims to the effect that the oldest profession in the human community is prostitution.

However, I differ from this over generalization in such a way that I am convinced that the policing institution should rank amongst the earliest organized professional careers in the human environment since security of lives informed the organization of a human society ab initio. We will embark on a search of philosophical minds to justice the above conclusions.

Basically, the philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) took a great deal of time to research into human’s state of nature which for the specific purpose of affirming the primacy of law enforcement, would serve as our key reference point in this reflection.

On The State of Nature, Samuel Enoch Stumpf says that- Hobbes describes men; first of all, as they appear in what he calls the state of nature, which is the condition of men before there is any state or civil society.

In this state of nature Hobbes says all men are equal and equally have the right to whatever they consider necessary for their survival.

Equality here means simply that anyone is capable of hurting his neighbor and taking what he judges he needs for his own protection.

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