Female masseuse reveals how Prince Andrew breached Buckingham palace security by smuggling her into his bedroom

Prince Andrew, who was recently stripped by the Queen of England from Royal duties after he granted an interview defending his relationship with the now dead paedophile, Jeffrey Eipstein is in the news again for the wrong reasons, as a female masseuse revealed the British Royal sneaked her  into Buckingham palace without going through normal security procedures only for him to emerge from the bathroom completely naked.

Masseuse, Monique Giannelloni as at the time of the treatment on June 30, 2000, was a 35-year-old qualified professional practitioner, and says she felt ‘uncomfortable’ when the Duke suddenly appeared in the nude in front of her during the treatment arranged by Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘fixer’, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Speaking to DailyMail, Monique revealed she wasn’t searched by security, didn’t sign in and there were no background checks carried out on her, only to find herself in the Prince’s  bedroom even though other bedrooms were available.

Female masseuse reveals how Prince Andrew breached Buckingham palace security by smuggling her into his bedroom

‘I got to the room and Andrew was stood there in a robe,’ she said. ‘After saying ‘Hello’, he disappeared to the bathroom and came back in the nude.

‘I averted my eyes and I was quite embarrassed.’

‘I was a professional masseuse,’ she said.
‘I had boundaries. I felt deeply concerned that the massage was conducted in Andrew’s bedroom when there were many rooms available at the Palace. I hadn’t expected Andrew to take his clothes off and that wasn’t discussed.’

‘It was so easy to get into the palace and it troubled me because I could have been anyone.

‘I didn’t know Andrew and never met anyone from the royal household. Nobody knew me. I wasn’t spoken to by a Royal Protection officer or asked any questions at all.’

‘Nobody checked my bag when I arrived or when I left. I certainly expected more stringent security checks.’

She recalled that she was ‘very nervous’ about the invitation to the palace after it was arranged by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who told her: ‘I am going to introduce you to someone more famous than God.’ then few weeks later Monique received the phone call from the Duke’s then-Assistant Private Secretary, Charlotte Manley. to come to Buckingham palace.

Female masseuse reveals how Prince Andrew breached Buckingham palace security by smuggling her into his bedroom

Now a 55-year-old married mother-of-two  she said: ‘I am from South Africa and to be walking through Buckingham Palace would have been something I could never have imagined in my life time.

‘As I went along the hallway it was nothing but splendour. There were beautiful draped curtains and a plush carpet which ran along the middle of the hallway.

‘There were gold framed paintings of members of the royal family over the centuries and some beautiful vases on tables.

‘It was all very grand and nothing I could ever have dreamed I would see.’

She got to the bedroom and there was Andrew who smiled politely and shook her hand as he said ‘Hello’.

‘It was a very intimate room, but very big. I put my massage table out. There was loads of space. The windows looked out onto the front of the Palace. I could see the Queen Victoria Statue and the Palace gates.

He said, ‘Excuse me’ and went into the bathroom. He came out and he was naked. He got onto the table. I didn’t know where to look.
‘I didn’t know him and felt that it was inappropriate for him to take his clothes off so quickly without discussing it.

‘I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me.

‘But then again maybe that is what he does when he has a massage. I thought he was obviously very comfortable in this situation so I just let it go.

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