Young ladies lament activities of ‘One Chance’ in Abuja, shared experiences

The activities of suspected scammers,‘One Chance’ in Abuja have been on a tremendous rise leading to a massive outcry by young Nigerians especially ladies in the capital city of Nigeria.

‘One chance’ is a slang used to describe the activities of criminal-minded persons who pretend to be cab drivers and pick up passengers with the intention of taking them to their destination but Enroute, these criminal-minded drivers with other accomplices (who pretend to be passengers) attack unsuspecting passengers and strip them of all their personal effects and belongings.

Some of these attacks lead to the death of the unsuspecting passengers, especially where the passenger is thrown out of a moving car or tries to engage these criminal elements in a scuffle.

While many Nigerians are of the opinion that the increasing rate of ‘One Chance’ is as a result of the poor economy and increasing unemployment rate, others have blamed the mode of dressing of these young ladies who stand on major roads as an attraction to drivers and operators of ‘One Chance’. But in this report, DAILY POST encountered some ladies who shared their sad stories while calling on the FCT minister and the FCT police command to put an end to the scary encounter ladies have to go through daily while commuting to their respective places of work/business.

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