Nigerians jailed more than 20 years reported they were wrongfully detained, convicted

In August this year, Mr Odusanya explained how he spent 26 years in prison for an offence he claimed he did not commit.

He said a stranger came to fetch water in the house at Ebute Meta, in Lagos, where he lived at the time. The stranger left the faucet running. Soon Mr Odusanya’s room which was nearby the faucet got flooded. He told PREMIUM TIMES that he confronted the stranger and a fight soon ensued. The stranger sustained a bad injury in his head and later returned with policemen from Iponri Police Station, who apprehended Mr Odusanya.

From that point onwards, Mr Odusanya’s life entered a dark tunnel that took 26 years to emerge from.

From Iponri Police Station. he was transferred to the state’s police criminal investigation department at Panti, where he was held for three months without case.

“It was at Panti that I discovered that I was linked with robbery case, I was later arraigned at Ogba Elefo Magistrate Court, Ebute Meta, where I was ordered to be remanded,” he said.

“I later was taken to Igbosere Court 18 but it used to be called tribunal then because it was military regime”.

From there, he spent seven years in Kirikiri Maximum Prison waiting for trial. In 1998, he was sentenced to death by hanging, for an offence he claimed he did not commit.

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