Lady calls out Igando General Hospital doctor who allegedly refused to treat her nephew over an argument with the child’s mother (video)

doctor who she claimed refused treating her nephew after having an argument with the child’s mother. 

According to @mis_dynam, her sister got into an argument with the doctor after being delayed for 3 hours at the hospital she rushed her child to.

Amid the delay, the doctor further told her that he won’t be attending to her child till the next day for “complaining and arguing with him”. 

She wrote “We’re used to shouting “the government this, the government that”, yet our mind is worse, my sister rushed my nephew to a hospital at Igando. After being delayed for 3 hours, she (my sister) begins to shout and complain and then gets into an argument with one of the doctors (the one in a navy blue native), he then decides not to answer my sister and tells her her child won’t be attended to till the next day. What sort of doctor is he? So because you had an argument with the mother, a child has to suffer for it? Was that the oath you took to save lives? I mean where are we heading to in this country?” 

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