How we feel about the rise of food prices

Precious Popoola, 8 yrs old, Basic 4
Though there is increase in food prices, my mum still serves me the usual quantity of food daily. Even before the increase, I do not take snacks to school every day but juice is part of my lunch pack and sometimes too, she gives me pocket money especially whenever we have to attend a programme in church. However, I felt bothered when I heard the news.

Olanike Iyiola, 8 yrs old

Mum advise me not to bring leftover food back home else, I would be beaten and threatens not to cook for two weeks. That has registered into my mind so I do not waste food at all. I come to school with snacks so I do not collect money to buy anything.

Temiloluwa Aderibigbe, 10 yrs old, Basic 5

I feel unhappy with the increase in prices of food, particularly rice because I cannot eat as much as I wish these days. Sometimes, we have to eat a substitute for rice, like yam. Though I dislike it, I have no choice. I feel sorry for our country because we buy items at different prices per day. There was a day I wanted to buy a sachet of salt usually sold at the rate of N80, the seller sold it at N100. I felt unhappy that day and each time I discover that prices of items have gone up. One of the effects of the increase of food items on my pocket money is that it has caused a reduction in the amount and this in turn has reduced the amount I save in my piggy bank.

Matilda Afreh, 8 yrs old, Basic 5

My parents still give me money for biscuits and other snacks of my choice though everything we buy is now expensive. But I feel sad for people who cannot afford to buy their daily needs. We eat other food items but the type of rice in the market is not sweet. I don’t like the taste. I miss the kind of rice mum used to buy the government closed boarders.

Elizabeth Esan, 8 yrs old, Pry 4

I wish Federal government opens the boarder quickly because everybody is feeling the effect to the smallest things we buy as children. People who want to bring in imported items should be allowed so that prices of other things could come down to the former amount. I take enough food to school but my pocket money has been slashed by my parents.


Praise Akintunde, 9 yrs old, Basic 5

When my mummy cooked, before food stuffs became very expensive, she would give me large quantity but now, in order to avoid waste, she gives me a moderate quantity. I was also used to mummy buying a bag of imported rice before the rice became scarce. I thank God we still have food on our table but I feel that government is unfair to the helpless children who beg on the streets. Would they have food to feed on as we do?

Sijuwola Olurinde, 9 yrs old, Basic 5

The increase in food items has affected me as my mum and grandma do not allow me to throw away food because food stuffs are now costly, especially rice. She tells me that if I waste food, she would beat me. I was shocked when I heard items in the market are now costly and I feel that government should not think of themselves only, they should also think of the poor. Anytime I complain of reduction in my pocket, N50 instead of N100, she would say “you should even thank God that I am giving you. Would I be giving you that after plenty food?”

Aaliyah Alabi, 6 yrs old, Basic 3

Now that prices of household items have increased, whenever my mum packs my lunch or serves me at home, she would say “If you leave anything in your plate, I will beat you.” So I ensure nothings remains in my food flask or plate. Then, the increase has not affected the amount of money I receive form my parents as pocket money.

Destiny Ameh, 9 yrs old, Basic 4

My eating habit has been affected since prices of food items have increased. I do not dictate what I want to eat all the time like before. However, amount of money for my snacks is still what it is. I am happy that my parents still supply my needs despite hike in everything in the market.

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