Actress Rita Daniels Says Her Daughter Regina Married For Love And Is Not A Small Girl(video)

According to her……

“This small pikin wey una dey curse so, na old mama o
Because d wisdom wey dey her head even all those nonsense people wey dey open Dia dirty mouth, dia gutter mouth dey talk Dem no get am

Regina na 20years no be October we dey so?
Today’s date na wetin? na on d 10th nai she go be 20years 
she never try? she tell me se mama she wan marry at the early age

Just like wetin happen recently, dey say Regina marry ah! She go marry one Methuselah one old man shuu!! I never see where person dey drink Panadol for another person headache

The small girl come out come cry give una se Dem force am enter the marriage?
Na love o, and me wey be her mama no get the right to tell am se ‘come no love’
Some celebrities dey die inside house Dem no fit talk
Some girls dey cry inside house but Dem no fit talk because Dem marry young boys
Wetin dey different between young boys I wan ask una
My name na Rita Daniels 
Regina Daniels mama”

Below is The video

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