South Africa Catholic bishops counter government, say attacks are xenophobic

Catholic Bishops in South Africa have countered its government’s claim of attack against foreigners not having a xenophobic undertone. 

LIB reported that, Archbishop Buti Tigagale of the Southern African Catholic Bishop’s Conference Office for Migrants and Refugees said on Saturday September 7, that they also received a report that the authorities are doing little to protect foreigners in the attack.  

He also revealed that the police stood idly in Pretoria while shops were looted and people attacked. According to him, not a single arrest was made on that day. Also countering claims of the attacks being an attempt by concerned South Africans to rid cities of drug dealers, the Bishops asked why South African drug dealers are not attacked as well. 

He said, “Once again we receive reports of the authorities doing very little to protect the victims. We received report of police standing by idly in Pretoria while shops were looted and people attacked. Not a single arrest was made on that day.

“Once again the authorities resort to the old explanation: that this is not xenophobia, but the work of criminal elements. 

“Let us be absolutely clear – this is not an attempt by concerned South Africans to rid our cities of drug dealers. And this is not the work of a few criminal elements. It is xenophobia, plain and simple.

“If it was about drugs, why are South African drug dealers not being targeted as well? Are we really to believe that there are none? And why are drug addicts who rob people in our city centres to get money to buy drugs not being targeted? If it is the work of a few criminal elements, why are South African owned businesses not being looted as well?”

He added, “The teaching of the Church is direct and uncompromising. More than 80% of South Africans claim to be Christians. What are our religious leaders teaching the multitudes that fill our Churches every Sunday? Galatians 3:28 says: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

“By the same token, there is neither South African nor Nigerian nor Ethiopian. We are all one in Christ Jesus. “Let us take heed of this. We are facing a rising tide of hatred and intolerance, no different to the rising tide of hatred in Nazi Germany. If we do not take urgent action to stop it, there will be nothing left.”

Calling on people of all faith and goodwill to speak out and take action, Archbishop Buti Tigagale concluded by asserting that all religions preach fair treatment to foreigners. 

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