Shocking Moment: Man gives reasons why he’s not ready to leave South Africa but advice others not to come

A man whose identity is yet to be known has come out to clear the air and give reasons why he’s not ready to evacuate from South Africa.
In the video, he was captured pointing out his reasons.
According to him, in South Africa embassy, as soon as you apply for a Visa to travel anywhere across the globe, it will be issued to you within few hours and a situation that can not happen in other black nations and also advice those planning to come to South Africa to put on hold that the South Africans at times behaves like those with mental disorder.
He also narrated how he has spent all his savings that he was suppose to use and travel back to his country on S.A ladies, and his tired of their sexual lifestyle. In the video, he also reveals how three ladies are waiting for him in his room for more sex despite that he doesn’t have money to pay them anymore, a situation that can not happen in his country.
He also stated that another reason of staying in S.A is, either you are mentally derail or handicap S.A ladies will still marry you.

Watch The Video Below:

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