My boy friend got married to another woman the same day he proposed to me

“I have dated this guy more than 7 years when he had nothing, I sold all my parents properties when they died to see him through school.

“Now, he has gotten a nice job, he proposed to me yes but he is saying that he won’t marry me in court I refused and he threatened to call off the engagement so I agreed.

“Only for me to search his laptop bag today while I was looking for something and found a photocopy of a court wedding certificate, I wanted to waste it but I just decided to read it, I saw that my boyfriend got married the day he engaged me, he wedded another woman in court in Asaba while we live in PH .

“I remember he engaged me that morning made love to me and traveled that day.

“I found it really difficult to cry and was just laughing and been laughing since I found this out. He just came back and I picked his phone and went to his WhatsApp found nothing, then went to his gallery found nothing before I finally went to his deleted items and found pictures of this particular girl.

I am still laughing because I know what to do. My only question is how? Not really but I will make sure his life is miserable. I am so broken that I can’t even cry. I just wanted to free my heart it is too heavy for me.”

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