Apple will live display their iPhone 11 event on YouTube for the first time

Apple is planning to display their iPhone 11 event on Google’s YouTube platform on Tuesday. It will mark the first time that Apple has ever streamed one of the company’s events on YouTube, and it will greatly expand the amount of people able to see the stream. Last year Apple expanded its iPhone event in the tweeter , and the company has been gradually increasing the availability of its stream in recent years.

Windows 10 users started to gain access to the stream back in 2015, thanks to Microsoft’s Edge browser. Apple’s event streams used to be limited to Safari and Edge on the desktop, but Apple also opened them up to Chrome and Firefox last year at WWDC.

We’re expecting Apple to present three new iPhone models on Tuesday, and The outskirts will be live from the event covering every piece of news as it happens, and the event will commence at 1PM ET / 10AM PT on Tuesday September 10th.

Watch the related video below

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