Northerners alleged Igbo, yoruba of Holding jobs in Northern Nigeria, vow to reclaim them.

A group of Northern youths are accusing people from the Southern part of Nigeria are taking over jobs that ordinarily should be keep for indigenes, oath to start what they call a ‘ take-back campaign’ to reclaim them.

The youths spoke under the aegis of Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG). They pointed out that the massive dispossession of Nothern people of their jobs by Southerners is causing wholescale migration from the region to Lagos state in search of greener pastures. 

In Lagos, they are being arrested by law enforcement agents as evident in a recent case involving people from Jigawa, the group claimed.

It also fingered leaders from the North for sacrificing the interest of the region on the altar of selfish political aspirations.  The group, therefore, vowed to ensure that all northern states and local governments as well as companies operating in the region complied with the provisions of local content regulations.

In a statement made available to newsmen Sunday through its spokesman, Abdul-azeez Sulaiman, they reported :

 From information “We observe that northerners face all sorts of insult and rejection like the latest incident in Lagos, because they are forced to seek alternative opportunities by the following realities: The bulk of opportunities meant for northerners in the North has been inadvertently taken up by people from the South.

“While northerners are denied the opportunity of employment to even the most menial of jobs in the South, all vacant positions available in the North as guaranteed by the local content clause of the federal character provision have been surrendered to southerners.

“Whereas the local content clause stipulates that all levels 01 to 06 positions in every private establishments must go to indigenes of the host communities, in the North the reverse is the case. 

Thus almost every position in almost all the various banking and financial institutions, insurance houses, telecom agencies, educational institutions and other private concerns spread all over the North are taken over by southerners at the expense of indigenous communities.

“Sadly, even vacancies in public institutions and all government agencies and parastatals including several state and local government establishments in the North are occupied mainly by people of other regions. We observe that except for a few northern political leaders like Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, all federal and state authorities, the entire political, religious and cultural establishments in the North were keeping quiet on the Rivers and Lagos affairs.”

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