Church Members IN shock As Bride Collapses, As Ex lover Sacks Weeding

International Pentecostal Holiness Church, venue of the wedding ceremony

It was like a scene in a home movie, during a wedding ceremony on Saturday, in Benin City, Edo State, when a woman matched to the church altar, seized the microphone from the Priest and accused the groom of dumping her for his new bride, she also demanded that the wedding ceremony be stopped immediately.

The dramatic scene occurred at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Benin City, during the wedding ceremony between a man simply identified as Dele and his bride who’s name was given as Blessing, said to be a caterer by profession.

The enraged woman who’s identity could not be ascertained, was said to have learnt about the wedding ceremony via a Facebook post by an unidentified User, before the traditional and court wedding ceremonies were held.

It was gathered that the angry woman had stormed the church with some hefty-looking men, in an Audi car at about 6.30 am, and waited patiently till the wedding ceremony began at 12 pm.

The wedding cake

Trouble started when the officiating pastor asked the congregation if anyone was aware of any reason for which the couple should not be joined as husband and wife.

At the point when the ring bearer was about handling the ring box to the groom, the jilted lover matched to the alter, seized the microphone from the Pastor and shouted “No! No! This wedding will not hold.”

The shocked pastor was said to have repeated the announcement for the second time, and the light-complexioned woman again answered “No” in a thunderous voice, to the bewilderment of the entire congregation.

She further narrated how the groom proposed to marry her in 2017, after a courtship that lasted for seven years.

The enraged woman told the congregation that she entered into a covenant with Dele before the church alter where he worshiped.

According to her, “He (Dele) no longer picks my calls. He abandoned me. Why? What did I do to you?”

The new bride who watched helplessly as her joy and hope collapsed on her, also collapsed on her seat, while Dele, who was clad in a cream-coloured suit on black trousers and a pair of glasses, broke down in tears.

Turmoil pervaded the entire neighborhood, following the suspension of the wedding ceremony by the officiating pastor.

Some of the invitees accused the presiding pastor of failing to carryout a background check on the couple, whereas others blamed the unfortunate incident on the sexual recklessness of the groom.

A member of the church who did not want to be named, claimed that the groom was sighted at the birthday celebration of this particular ex lover just few weeks ago.

She added that tears were seen on Dele’s eyes even before the commencement of the wedding ceremony.

According to her, “The best man who was highly embarrassed by his action, urged him to calm down while he used a white handkerchief to wipe away his tears.

“Dele attended her birthday few weeks ago. It will surprise you to know that Dele was still going to see that girl at home. Why will you do such such thing when your wedding is around the corner,” she queried.

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