Stop The Coup Protest Organizer of a Hard-Leftist called Remembrance Sunday Insidious

Nationwide protests against Parliament’s suspension taking place today have been organised by a hard-Leftist who previously labelled Remembrance Sunday ‘insidious’, it has been revealed.
Momentum member Michael Chessum, 30, is one of the leading figures behind protests in 30 UK cities including a march on Downing Street, that could possibly go to Buckingham Palace. 

Organisers are hoping hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets on Saturday after demonstrations began to flare up on Friday evening.
Mr Chessum has proven to be a controversial figure, most notably boycotting Remembrance Sunday as president of the University of London students’ union because he ‘regarded the ceremony as a political statement.
He was also a prominent figure in the 2010 student tuition fee protests which ended in a mob of protestors breaking into Conservative Party HQ at Millbank Tower against the wishes of the NUS. The protests also involved rioting in Parliament Square and the ambush of the Prince of Wales’s car.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Chessum, said that ‘disruption is the only form of leverage protesters can rely on’ and added: ‘We would go further than anticipate (civil disobedience). We would defend it.’
While other groups have stressed the need for peaceful demonstration, in an interview with the Times, Mr Chessum even mentioned how suffragettes burned down Liberal Chancellor David Lloyd George’s home as he made reference to ‘civil disobed Wales..
‘There will be disruption and I’m sorry for that but in the face of what Boris is planning, it will be worth it. The suffragettes burnt down the home of David Lloyd George, the chancellor of the exchequer — I’m sure that was disruptive for him,’ he said.

Anti-Brexit campaign group Another Europe Is Possible has planned 32 £StopTheCoup protests to take place in England, Scotland and Wales.
And left-wing group Momentum is calling on its members to ‘occupy bridges and blockade roads’ in conjunction with unrest on the streets.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell urged Labour MPs to join the nationwide protest, calling the Prime Minister’s decision to close Parliament for up to five weeks an attempt ‘to shut down democracy’.

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