Mexico police blew up a hitman head after a chase.

In a viral story going round the web, a picture of a 16-year-old alleged mexico hitman was shown blown up durng a gun battle with the Mexico police.

Juanito Pistola, who was also known as Commander Little, alleged to have planned an attacked on Mexico police with few of his other gang memebers but met his waterloo on Tuesday, August 27, when he got into gun battle with the force men in the town of Nuevo Laredo, a smuggling gateway.

The alleged hitman alongside members of Hell’s Troop were inside a van with Texas license plates as they headed for the operation.  Unluckly for them, they were all in the gun battle. 

16-year-old Mexican hitman Commander Little has his head blown off in bloody gun battle with police officers?(Photos)

It’s reported that drug cartels often recruit vulnerable minors for their smuggling business.


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