Nigerians reacted over Omoyele Sowore’s arrest by DSS

The hashtag #FreeSowore is the number trending topic on Nigerian Twitter at the moment and it comes after the arrest of human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner, Omoyele Sowore by operatives of the Department of State Services.  

The DSS invaded Sowore’s apartment in the early hours of Saturday, August 3rd 2019 with four trucks, seizing his phones and other electronic gadgets. His whereabouts is currently unknown. Sowore’s #RevolutionNow campaign has gained national and international attention in the last couple of days following a planned nationwide protest scheduled for Monday, August 5th.

Using Freesowore hashtag on Twitter, many Nigerians slammed President Buhari for trying to use the DSS to silence Sowore.  

See all the reactions below…

Nothing could be more daft! Of all the actions to take against a constitutionally and legally backed protest, the last should be an arrest of the convener. #FreeSowore— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) August 3, 2019

If news report of DSS picking up @YeleSowore is confirmed then those behind his arrest sure did not learn from the past, he just had you were he wants you to be. Now we won’t know if #RevolutionNow would have really taken over Nigerian government on Monday. It’s now #FreeSowore— Kayode Ogundamisi (@ogundamisi) August 3, 2019

Sowore arrested when his “Orange Revolution” courted ridicule following photographs of him defacing public property. With this, #RevolutionNowwill morph into #FreeSowore, whip up public sympathy & prove that whoever ordered this arrest wasn’t so smart.— Rotimi Akinola (@akinolarj) August 3, 2019

Sowore arrested for wanting a revolution, killer herdsmen walking free 4 killing Innocent people, Boko Haram members freed for claiming repentant.
Nothing can stop an idea dat has come to stay! Revolution we seek, Revolution we will— SeyiRants® (@sheyirealtor) August 3, 2019

Just Confirmed that one of the leaders of the #RevolutionNowmovement Comrade Omoyele Sowore @YeleSowore has been arrested by armed men of the DSS overnight. Those who make peaceful negotiations impossible makes violent revolution inevitable. It has— Towolawi Jamiu (@jharmo) August 3, 2019

Buhari administration should know they are facing young people with higher intellect than their’s and the use of force will not work. #FreeSowore— Temmy (@Temmyhub) August 3, 2019

This cannot happen in Nigeria, Buhari is a military man, he will rather kill half of Nigerians to remain the president or prefer you people breaking @AsoRock doors to before he can resign,Moreover Oshiomole and APC won’t allow it ?#RevolutionNow#FreeSowore #FreeDadiyata— Walker (@Iamthemetim) August 3, 2019

@MBuhari‘s Administration has energy to arrest protesters and those who tried their best to fight for justice, no energy to arrest killer herdsmen, no energy to arrest corrupt APC members, no energy to restructure Nigeria.#FreeSowore— JOHNTEEY ?? ? (@johnteey) August 3, 2019

If calling for a revolution is treasonable, at least 70% of Nigerians should be in jail. They have called for it at one point or the other, including those in government now when they were out of government! #FreeSowore !— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) August 3, 2019

I also add my voice unequivocally to those demanding for @YeleSowore’s release. Free speech and assembly are enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. #FreeSowore— Dr. Dípò Awójídé (@OgbeniDipo) August 3, 2019

Omoyele Sowore’s residence in Ikeja evaded around 1:25am, 3rd of August, Sowore arrested by DSS, phone seized.

Yesterday, 2nd of August, Abubakar Dadiyata was abducted by the DSS in Kaduna.

Who is next? Could be me or you. Speak out NOW!!!— B h a d o o s k y (@BhadmusAkeem) August 3, 2019

If my account gets suspended, it gets suspended. I am done being silent while the government keeps suppressing and arresting individuals that dares to speak against their misdeeds.— SnailMan (@laurentdarl) August 3, 2019

The arrest of @YeleSowore will be another reason for me to join the— Ifamobarin Lanre (@ifamobarin) August 3, 2019

The DSS in a commando operation invaded Sowore’s house early this morning, manhandled and whisked him away to an unknown location.

He is a courageous man.

Is the planned revolution dead?#FreeSowore— the Morris. C. Monye factor (@monye_morris) August 3, 2019

There was MANDELA, there was SANKARA, there was KING JAJA, there was ADAKA BORO, there was FELA and there is @YeleSoworetoday.
Activism doesn’t end when an activist dies or is captured by the DSS, it only fuels more activists. #FreeSowore#RevolutionNow ???— Chidozie Nwaigwe (Msc) ?? (@ChidozieNwaigwe) August 3, 2019

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