After the shocking first live eviction that happened on Sunday, June 7, 2019, Biggie dropped another bombshell on the laps of the remaining 19 housemates.

The first live nomination show was held just after the housemates were still settling down to the harsh reality that at the end of the day, the show was still a game. The housemates were each given 5 seconds to nominate two fellow housemates for possible eviction.

Tacha, Ella, Mercy, Kimoprah and Sir Dee are up Eviction. Frodd saved himself and replaced with Mercy. #BBNaija

— Big Brother Naija (@BBNaija) July 8, 2019

But there was something that was noticeable. It seemed that a lot of the housemates have a grudge on Tacha, who seems to be the audience favorite. Of the 19 housemates, 8 chose her for possible eviction.

Up for possible eviction this Sunday 

#BBNaijaLaunchParty#bbnaija#BBNaija #bigbrother#BigBrother21#BBNajia2019#BBNaijaChallenge#BBNaijaUpdates#Bbnnaija

— Talkoon TV (@Talkoontv) July 8, 2019

Nigerians responded to this in different ways. While many were of the opinion that Tacha should be kicked out of the show for feeling too confident, others were still rooting for her.


“I’m d strongest opponent so they’ll come for me”

— Harbdoul (@Harbdoul1) July 9, 2019

Check out more reactions below.

Be humble Anty Tasha.


— Blvck_Child_420 (@blvckchild420) July 9, 2019


Mike just gave a very good reason for nominating Tacha, she’s feeling superior than other housemates through the comments she makes… Goodone#BBNaija

— Call him whalley Jab (@Whally70210076) July 9, 2019


#BBNaija How I look at tacha, braging about 15k product, when 60M is up for


— Glykys lady (@rittychi) July 9, 2019

We will know if your army squad will safe you when you’re put up for eviction along with these guys. You don’t brag! Humility is a virtue. Good morning to all the fans of Mike @aireyys across the world.

— Mikefanbase (@mikefanbase) July 9, 2019

If only I had money!

I’d walk up to biggie and pay the entire #BBNaija organizers 10 million naira to evict Tacha, and pay the Ninjas 100k each to beat her before she leaves the house.

— OFFICIAL TACHA HATER (@UmeasorMartins) July 8, 2019

Attitude is evrytin Tacha forming rich babe bcos of 15k product while a fellow house mate mike owns a rolls royce worth milions. Humility pays YOUNAMI.

— ThurmyTaiwo (@Thurmy84) July 8, 2019


Mike just gave a very good reason for nominating Tacha, she’s feeling superior than other housemates through the comments she makes… Goodone Mike#BBNaija


— amakaDISAPPIONT(@amaka_DPT) July 8, 2019


Tacha is just playing this arrogant T-boss & Ceec scripts. Go into the House, talk down on everyone & you get to the final. Every #BBNaijaedition has to use this Script ffs. It’s already boring 


— King N●-N● (@Zaddy_nomso) July 8, 2019

My fave, Mike, wants Africa to give Tacha a piece of humble pie. An observant and smart fave, I Stan!

— fragilecoder (@Miz_Yomade) July 8, 2019

#BBNaija Dear Tacha,
In as much as you have many followers you are not puting money into anyones pocket to vote for you. They all do it out of love. Stop acting as if they are obligated to make you stay in the house
Yours Faithfully,

— NANNY GWEN (@nyaa37_45540) July 8, 2019


The hate around this TACHA girl is so so much. Nigerians are just so frustrated. You don’t even wanna believe anything she says cos you already have this hatred for her. Abeg leave the girl. She is made already. With or without the show. DEAL WITH IT#BBNaija

— Justix Chux (@iam_justixchux) July 8, 2019

How i wish Big brother can bring Ceec and T-boss as fake housemates so that they can humble Tacha

— TrueCelestian (@michealnwosu7) July 8, 2019

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