Luck has shined on Khafi as she narrowly escapes Big Brother Naija season 4 first eviction. The police woman was very lucky to have escaped nomination after Big Brother made the four people up for eviction play a game that only the very smart and relaxed ones won.

Though Khaffi was really tensed and nervous but she still  managed to get 4 balls while Gedoni got 5 balls.

Unfortunately, Isilomo and Avala weren’t lucky enough at the end of the game. They had the least number of balls among the four of them and this led to their eviction.

Khafi earlier told Big Brother how she felt betrayed by the other housemates because nobody volunteered to support her by giving her coins. According to her the housemates are all fake especially Jeff and Kim.

The 28 believes in her self so much and now she has been given another chance not only to win the prize money but to get the exposure that being in Big Brother Naija House brings so that she can do societal good. What people don’t know about her is that she is secretly talented in spoken word, singing and dancing.

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Source: dailyadvent

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