A Nigerian Man has taken to social media to show case his culinary skills. The man who went on to rumble how the rat have been disturbing him and how he had try countlessly to kill them. Fortunately, for him, he was able to kill the rat after i strike with his dollop slippers.

Rather than throwing the meat away, the man decided to make a delicious meal out of the animal. Sharing a photo on social media, he revealed how he was able to utilize the rat to become something very edible, he prepared it and took it with his rice. See photo…

But i think eating rats is to be avoided simply because they eat human garbage. They are likely to have consumed pesticides, heavy metals, human excrement and all sorts of other garbage that you really don’t want to be eating.

Rats also carry a variety of parasites, but they aren’t especially worse in that regard than most other wild animals including many that are routinely eaten. The worst of the rat parasites is probably bubonic plague, and since fleas abandon their hosts once the body temperature starts to fall, you are increasing you exposure to that by eating rat. However is the parasite in found in the local rat population you have probably been exposed anyway.

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But if you could secure a supply of rats that hadn’t been eating human garbage, there’s no reason not to eat them. They are a perfectly good source of protein. I’ve eaten bush rat, not the same species as town rats, and it’s very nice meat, somewhat like rabbit or a heavily flavoured pork. I would guess that town rats would have a very similar flavour. there’s nothing inherently wrong with rats as a food. The problem is what the  rats have been eating

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In a related News, Photos of this unnamed lady eating a special Rat soup delicacy has since gone viral the photos which have been shared thousands of times of facebook clearly depicts a lady seriously eating swallow with 3 small rats.

Rat Soup? It is unclear where the lady is from but many facebookers are claiming that she is from Nigeria and that recession pushed her into discovering her Rat eating talent

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