A Nigerian lady, Ore Badmus, took to social media to share her funny encounter with a taxi driver. The lady explained that she ordered a taxi and the driver started hailing her, calling her a superstar. According to her, After she expressed confusion at his praises, the driver asked: “Are you Bobrisky?”

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Controversial Nigerian celebrity, Idris ‘Bobrisky’ Okuneye, has sort of become the poster boy for cross dressers and light skinned ladies in the country.

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The controversial social media celebrity has managed to make a name for himself with his unique ways and now has a claim to fame like every other professional in the industry.

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Well, Ore Badmus, who is a light-skinned lady as confirmed in her photo was mistaken for the cross dresser by the taxi driver and she took to social media to narrate her encounter.

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The lady explained that she ordered for a taxi and she was confused after the driver started hailing her like a superstar. Ore said she wondered if the driver had seen her in a few movies she featured in until he asked if she was Bobrisky to her utmost surprise.

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She further narrated that before she alighted, the driver asked her to take a picture with him as proof that he had met Bobrisky. See her tweets below:

This Uber driver legit started shouting superstar as soon as I got in.

I was confused but somewhere in my mind I thought he’s probably seen me in one of the few films I’ve been in.

When he saw my confused expression, he asked ‘ are you bobrisky?’

— Ore Badmus (@theorebadmus) July 3, 2019

I’m alighting and he goes, ‘pleasw can you do me a favour?”

Me: what’s that please?

Uber driver: Can I take a selfie with you?

Me: I’m not bobrisky.

Uber driver: You are! Don’t deny it.

Me: lol (not laughing out loud, more like rolling my eyes lol)

— Ore Badmus (@theorebadmus) July 3, 2019

The look that warranted mistaken identity

— Ore Badmus (@theorebadmus) July 3, 2019

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