Man Caught pants down trying To Sleep With Brother’s Wife Gets flogged (VIDEO)

In relationship there is a silent rule that a man should not chase his brothers girlfriend not to talk of the wife. Well, in a viral video, a man was seen being flogged through jungle justice for trying to sleep with his brother’s wife. The man was heard shouting and begging in pain as he was being beaten.

The language that they were speaking is Igbo and based on Igbo culture his action was a taboo which many people frawn at.

The big question is, was the jungle justice justifiable? Should people be allowed to take the law in their hands because the other persons action was wrong?

We all agree that the man did not act in a noble way but the mob action actually was a criminal offense. Not only did they physical abuse the man, they made a video which they sent out for the whole world.

Mnay are talking about this now online, what do you think.



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